WhatsApp now shows when texts you sent have been read

NEW DELHI: Whatsapp now lets you know when the messages you send have been read. The double ticks, which signify that messages have been delivered on the recipients’ phones, now turn blue when they open the message.

This feature is being gradually rolled out on Android and iOS across the world, including in India. According to WhatsApp, this feature is available for iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10 and Symbian devices.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging service, is testing a new feature that will tell a user when his or her message has been read by the recipient. The app already confirms the delivery of a message by showing two ticks.whatsapp-new-feature_650_110614100114

But users of the latest WhatsApp app are reporting that the two ticks now turn blue – currently they are shown in grey colour – when the message has been read. One user – Amber Prevoo – provided Indiatoday.in with a screenshot from the beta version of Whatsapp that she is using, confirming that the ‘message read’ notification is coming to the app.

“I’m currently on the beta but it seems to be implemented some time ago and now gets rolled out,” said Amber. “I had installed the beta about a day ago, got this option only a few hours back.”

The fact that the feature will soon appear in the final version (and updated) version of the app is also confirmed by the FAQ posted on the WhatsApp website. The FAQ has been updated and new information has been added to explain the tick marks.

“In a group chat, the second check marks will appear when all participants in the group have received your message. The two blue check marks will appear when all participants in the group have read your message,” WhatsApp notifies in the FAQ.

Though, WhatsApp is incredibly popular, compared to other messaging apps like Line and Hike apps it is also slightly light on features. But gradually, the app is getting more features. It is supposed to get the voice calls functionality in early 2015, something that helps it take on the apps like Skype and Viber.

While the “message read” confirmation is bound to prove helpful to most users, some may not like it because it may make it difficult to ignore a conversation or message. WhatsApp had earlier introduced a feature to hide the “last seen” status so that users who don’t want to broadcast their schedule to rest of the world can hide when they use the messaging service and when they don’t. For now it is not clear if WhatsApp users will have option to turn off the blue ticks or not.

Also, it is not clear if the blue ticks will only appear when a message has been read in the WhatsApp or will also appear if the message has read (or swiped away) on the notification screen on a smartphone.

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