‘Uttama Villain’ release delayed, morning shows cancelled

Chennai: The release of Kamal Haasan -starrer “Uttama Villain” on Friday remains uncertain as theatres in Tamil Nadu have cancelled the first few shows.
The delay in the release is due to some financial problems between the makers of the movie and financiers

The early morning and matinee shows across the state stand cancelled.
“Talks are going on between the producers and financiers. The film is likely to release in the evening,” a source from the film’s unit told IANS.
Apparently, the film’s producers Thirrupathi Brothers owe Eros International, who are distributing the film worldwide, nearly Rs.5 crore.
The film’s shows have also been cancelled in Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana.
Directed by Ramesh Aravind, the film features Kamal Haasan as an 8th century artist and modern-day superstar.


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