The Pareto Principle – Turn the tides of Online Marketing using the 80-20 principle

The 80-20 rule or the Pareto Principle is a simple yet effective principle that has an all-pervading effect. The idea behind it is straightforward, 80% of all effects come from 20% of causes.

Attune your mind to a specific kind of assessment and you will find this rule, in the form of a pattern, everywhere!

It is very fundamental in nature, especially with relation to causes and effects. But at the same time, it is not a law. It is a pattern, a way of assessing things. But, the principle is not limited to observation alone; with it, you can improve your decisions and its apparent results.

The 80-20 principle changes your way of approaching things in a considerable way.

What if someone tells you that 20% of your exercises build 80% of your physique?

You’d be in shock, probably in disbelief as well. Once you are aware of it, you focus on the 20% exercises that matter, leaving out a long list of workout activities that do no good for you.

You can use the Pareto Principle to improve decision making, performance, and productivity. And of course, you can use it to improve effectiveness in Online Marketing! Here’s how –

80-20 in Online Marketing

Online Marketing is a vast sphere consisting of various verticals, and the Pareto Pattern can be implied in every aspect of it. You need to do a bit of segregation and analysis to view the picture clearly.

And once you have the right data, the vital 20%, you can focus on that to put in fewer efforts and extract more results.

Keywords & SEO

80% of your visitors come from 20% of your keywords.

You might have opted for multiple keywords on a page to boost visitors. Just enlist the top keywords that are most searched, and you will see that only 20% of your keywords get approximately 80% of your traffic. These are rough estimates, the ratio can be 82-18, 78-22 etc. It’s the pattern that counts: less is more.

Using this, you can invest less time in other keywords and focus extensively on what works best. Just imagine how much time you’d save doing this! You can simply use that resource to perform other SEO activities that get compromised due to the time and efforts spent on other keywords.

Content in social media

80% of social shares come from 20% of posts.

An FB page goes viral because of one viral video or one popular post. Not every post is going to get your shares, they like some they ignore some. Get your most shared posts together and you will see that 20% of your posts get you the majority of social shares.

Just follow a simple math- you can have decent enough content on any page on the internet, but make sure that 2 out of 10 posts have the best of what you can produce.

Enhance ORM!

80% of all customer grievances come from 20% of customers.

Sometimes when things go wrong- an event gets delayed or your restaurant serves bad food- the social pages are flooded with complaints. It might seem that ‘everyone’ is complaining but relax and check your stats. ‘Everyone’ does not complain it’s just 20% of the entire customer base that voices discontent.

It’s just the 20% negativity you are dealing with. Not that big of a task, is it?

How can 80-20 rule help in improving Online Marketing?

The 80-20 rule is not just an observation tool where you see a pattern and do nothing about it. It is a solution as well. The gist of the entire principle indicates one major thing – focus on the essential 20% that matters! With that, just junk out the unnecessary 80% that doesn’t serve your purpose.

To improve your Online Marketing process, you need to focus on what is working for you. Analyze and compile what is getting you results, the 20%. Rest, just hack that away. Some instances could be-


  • Targeting 20% audience that is getting you revenue
  • Using only 20% keywords that brings you traffic and ignoring the other keywords
  • Responding to 20% comments that matter

You might ponder, what does the remaining 80% stands for as far as efforts are concerned? It’s a simple trick. Utilize everything you save in terms of resources in improving the crucial 20%.

For example, if you know what 20% content works well on your Facebook page, you don’t need to waste your time and effort creating content that doesn’t yield you much. That time and effort can be used in the creation of an idea that works. None of your resources go to waste.

80-20 rule is a method for absolute resource utility where hacking away unnecessary elements is quintessential!

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