Rudd pleads for Tories to ignore ‘presentation fails’

Amber Rudd appealed for an end to the Tory civil war today – warning Britain was at a ‘turning point’ and Theresa May was the right person to be in charge.

The Home Secretary spoke out as infighting reached fever pitch in the wake of Mrs May’s dire conference in Manchester, which culminated in her speech being wrecked by a prankster, sore throat and collapsing set.

Former chairman Grant Shapps has been unmasked as the ringleader of a concerted plot to oust Mrs May.

He said this morning that ‘one or two’ members of the PM’s own team privately wanted her to go – as he revealed around 30 Tory MPs have signed up to his call for a change at the top.

But the ex-minister admitted the mutiny was still well short of the 48 names needed to force a leadership contest, and he faced ridicule from loyalists who accused him of being ’embittered’ and speaking for ‘no-one’.

One backbencher raged that he would not ‘buy a used car’ from Mr Shapps.

Ms Rudd, who is thought to harbour leadership ambitions of her own, called on the party to look at the policies set out at the Tory conference instead of the ‘presentation fails’.

In an article for The Daily Telegraph, she said: ‘We, Theresa May’s Government, want to … set out a better path, one that actually leads to a prosperous, secure and united country.

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