Government is serious about PM’s security: Rajnath

Jammu, Jun 8 Based on the reports of an assassination plot by Maoists, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the government is serious about the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“We are always serious about the prime minister’s security. The Maoists are fighting a losing battle. They are now active only in 10 districts in the country,”

he told the press conference after the two-day tour of Jammu and Kashmir.

On Wednesday the police in Pune arrested five people who were found to be having alleged links with the banned CPI (Maoist). The police told the court yesterday that they have seized a letter from the Delhi residence of one of the five members who was arrested.

The police told the court that the letter had allusions to a plan to assassinate Narendra Modi through another Rajiv Gandhi type assassination.

The Home Minister told that the violence of the Naxal group will come to an end very soon and pointed out that the influence of the Naxal has come down to 90 districts in the country (they are very active in only 10 of these) which was previously 135.

When asked about the extension of the ongoing suspension of operations against the militants in Jammu and Kashmir beyond Eid, Singh said that an appropriate decision will be taken and it will be only after reviewing the ground situation and will be discussed with all the concerned people.

The Home Minister also said,

“Our neighboring country Pakistan should prevent terror emanating from its soil.”

Rajnath Singh also mentioned that the central government is always ready to hold a conversation with all right-minded people.

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