Commonwealth Games 2018: Sun, sea and equality at ‘relevant’

This International Women’s Day, organisers of Commonwealth Games realised that it is 2018 and opportunities, as good as a reward given to participants, should be equal – group and women. In certain news for women athletes, for an initial time ever, there will be an equal series of women’s and men’s award events during a Commonwealth Games. The Federation authorized 7 additional women’s eventuality categories to Gold Coast 2018 to safeguard that group and women contest for an equal series of medals (133 women’s events; 133 men’s events; 9 mixed/open events).

The proclamation comes as a acquire change that will see an equal illustration by both sexes, not usually in terms of medals yet also participation. In Glasgow, 58.8% of athletes were the group and 41.2% were women. It sends a critical summary to everybody examination that it is time to accept equivalence of both genders in sports, as it has been in other spheres of amicable and mercantile life.

The inclusion of women in sports has come to a prolonged approach given an initial Commonwealth Games in 1930 when women’s appearance was singular to 7 diving and swimming events (comprising usually 12% of events). Medal events during a 2010 Games had left an adult to 46 percent in women’s, even yet a series of events increasing usually for both group and women during that time. The final book of a Games in Glasgow combined a top ever commission of award events for women during 48.5%, fixation loyal gender equivalence in award opportunities during a Games clearly within reach.

It is no tip how group and women athletes are treated differently, not usually in Commonwealth Games yet other vital events in a universe like Australian Open, Olympics etc. Sportswomen destroy to get even media courtesy if and when their masculine counterparts are personification during the same time. Our cricket and hockey teams are good examples of that. A large compensate inconsistency continues to exist even now. Recently, BCCI announced updated annual contracts for all cricketers. While they bound Rs 7 crore a year for men’s captain Virat Kohli, usually Rs 50 lakh was announced for the skipper of a women’s group Mithali Raj. So this comes as an outrageous boost for women athletes of all a nations participating in a mega sports event.

While a sporting companionship is rocked by sex scandals, abuse and taste around a world, women athletes have come out notwithstanding a contingency and achieved not usually equally good yet in many cases even improved than masculine athletes. Rio Olympics 2016 was an ideal instance of that. While we pinned expectations on many athletes to get us medals during the biggest sporting eventuality in a world, it was a women athletes – PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik – who saved us some annoyance by removing usually dual medals won.

In another benchmark feat for gender equality, an International Federations for Basketball, Hockey and Swimming have reliable that during slightest 50% of their technical officials presiding over a sporting movement will be women.

The CGF has also implemented a Women Coaching Internship Programme for Gold Coast 2018. Under an innovative programme, there will be an event to entirely confederate determined women coaches in their Gold Coast 2018 coaching team.

However, even yet an equal illustration in terms of award events during Gold Coast Commonwealth Games should be celebrated, there is still a lot of work to be done.



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