Chhattisgarh sterilisation deaths: Main doctor held, more arrests likely

Chhattisgarh police have arrested doctor R K Gupta, whose botched sterilisations claimed the lives of 13 women in Bilaspur this week.TV reports said the other doctors who assisted in the surgery too were likely to be arrested soon.

NDTV quoted Dr Gupta as saying that he was not at fault and that he was pressurised by authorities to meet targets.

Incidentally, Dr Gupta was reportedly awarded by health minister Amar Agarwal for conducting a record 50,000 surgeries in his career.

He was on the run since the first deaths were reported and an FIR was lodged against him on Tuesday.

The 59-year old doctor had operated on 83 women last Saturday in Takhatpur health camp, which would mean that he spent just two minutes per tubectomy.

Meanwhile reports in The Indian Express said that even after the botched Bilaspur surgeries, 26 more tubectomies were done in one hour at another camp.

This happened at the Gaurela camp where one woman died and 20 others reported post-surgery complications.

As was the case in Bilaspur, at the Gaurela camp, 26 women were operated upon in less than an hour.

Meanwhile even as reports said that rusted equipment were used in thhe surgeries, a team of doctors from Delhi’s premier AIIMS hospital is in Bilaspur to investigate what happened.

The medicines used have been sent to a lab in Kolkata for analysis.

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