Best Selfies Captured Amazingly

Selfie was discussed by the photographer Jim Krause. Selfies are the self portrait photograph that are captured through front camera. These selfies can also be clicked using a digital camera. It is very popular in young peoples. Users usually click a selfie and uploads it on social networking site. According to 2013 survey most of the Australian women take selfie for the purpose of upload in facebook. During the Sochi Winter Olympics a selfie Olympics meme was popular on twitter in 2014. The main social networking sites on which you can find great selfies are Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ etc.


In 2011 a wildlife photographer was visiting in a park of Indonesia. Suddenly black macaque hold his camera and looked like they were already know about using of camera and after that a grinning female macaque hit the button and captured hundreds of selfies in which that is one of these.
After 3 years now, Wikipedia and the photographer David Slater have a controversy over this selfie in which the photographer claims that he is the owner of the selfie but wikipedia has rejected to remove the selfie due to selfie took by animal not the photographer.



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