Anonymous India attacks Trai website again

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai)’s website has been yet again attacked by famous hacking group Anonymous India that works for the cause of Internet freedom.

The website was attacked first on Monday but was restored by evening. However, on Tuesday, the website was attacked again, which made it inaccessible for users for many hours.

When asked if the Trai has been attacked, Anonymous India replied to a Business Standard journalist: “they deserve it right?” (sic).

The attack comes in the backdrop of the regulatory authority uploading about one million comments on net neutrality that it had received, along with the senders’ names and email IDs, on Monday.

The hacking group demanded removal of these private email ids from the Trai website.

“This is a big business opportunity for hackers. People can potentially make lakhs of money by selling this database,” said an ethical hacker who did not wish to be identified. The person added that, by now, lots of damage must have already been done by hackers.

Trai’s action of making public the names and email IDs of those who had submitted their comments on net neutrality was criticised on the social media.

The last day for submitting comments on Trai’s consultation process on regulation for Over The Top (OTT) services was on Friday. The comments were uploaded on the site on Monday.

The regulator divided the comments under three categories — from service providers, from service providers’ associations and from other stakeholders.

The telecom regulator drew the ire of people for breaching their privacy.

In their submissions, telecom players have proposed a licensing regime for OTT players such as WhatsApp and Skype, a view opposed by internet firms and associations.

According to Internet & Mobile Association of India, innovations of VoIP and text apps have not affected the telecom players’ financial stability. “Indicators of revenues from regulatory filings, earning calls of telecom companies and public statements clearly indicate that data is driving telecom growth,” it said.

The authority has asked for counter comments on the responses received so far, the deadline of which is May 8.

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