1920: Birth year of selfies

Who doesn’t like being taken pictures of? Who doesn’t like being admired? Nobody I guess. Selfies let you pose and take pictures of yourself without anybody’s help. You can click about a 100 pictures of yourself without ever getting bored or scolded at for being narcissistic. This trend of taking selfies started in 2005, but the birth year of selfies was decades ago, in 1920.

If you look around everywhere, in any social networking site/app, be it Facebook or WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram, you will find at least one selfie as a profile or display picture. This is the effect that selfies have over our generation. The birth year of selfies, though, was during December 1920, when the Byron Company photographers posed together for a photograph on the roof of Marceau’s studio in 1920. Most of the pictures are preserved at the Museum of the City of New York.

It is quite amazing to know that a trend which gained its popularity in 2005 actually has its origins way back to the 1920s!





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